Attempt #3456789 to start writing again.


My therapist wants me to get back into my hobbies again. One of my hobbies aside from sleeping and playing video games is writing. More specifically its is blogging.

I have made numerous attempt to start back up the habit of writing a few times a week only to either procrastinate or be discouraged after upsetting a few people for being honest.

I also happen to be quite critical of the way I write.  As I type this now, I feel that my sentence flow is weak and I am unable to be vivid with my vocabulary without abusing a thesaurus. Don’t even get me started on my tendency to type run-on sentences.

Of course since the last time I wrote SOMETHING, a lot has happened. I lost and gained weight AGAIN, I continue to fade away from many of the social media sites that I used to waste time on, I isolated myself from past friends or acquaintances and The New York Rangers lost their Stanley Cup Final in 20 years.

Pretty soon I am going to undergo a major operation that will improve my health. I expect that things after it will never be the same. Okay, maybe I shouldn’t be so secretive about it. I am getting my stomach stapled.  I really need to get it done before I get so fat that I require a scale meant for heavy animals.

From those who know me well, if anyone does, over the past two years I’ve had issues with Depression, Anxiety and other things. I want to be a bit more open about my problems and maybe that will help me understand them. Writing should make me articulate my feeling better and hopefully I can improve my sometimes shitty grammar.

That’s all I got for all of you now.

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